Tag & Track* Technology for Precise Target-Site Location

Providing a solution for drug delivery and identification of precise target site location.

Background: As advances in gene-targeted therapies together with the approval of Moderna’s and Pfizer’s RNA-based COVID 19 vaccines are revolutionizing the future of healthcare, Barcode Nanotech is strategically positioned to develop and effectively deliver these transformative medications to target cells and organs.


Led by world-renowned scientists in the field of nanotechnology, Barcode Nanotech (founded in 2017), develops lipid-based delivery and screening tools for DNA/RNA-labeled drugs. Our technology is based on generation of hundreds of different nanoparticles, each with a unique molecular barcode (identifier), and then in vivo screening their bio-distribution in different organs.


Value: Our Tag&Track molecular barcoding platform, is expected to reduce (>hundred-fold) the time, labor and costs associated with development and targeted delivery of next-generation RNA/DNA therapeutics.

We are using this platform to internally develop new medications for cancer. Additionally, we offer drug companies developing such medications, new nanoparticle-based delivery solutions.

Founded in 2017, Barcode has developed delivery and screening tools for anti-cancer DNA-labeled drugs

We are one of a few companies in the world which can integrate the advances in lipid nanoparticles with formulation screening, tissue analysis and bioinformatics abilities.

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Barcode nanotech is raising capital and seeking to partner with next generation therapeutic developers.