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Proprietary lipids for RNA encapsulation and delivery

A library of novel lipids for RNA and DNA, LNP-based delivery, developed through a unique in vivo screening platform enables selective and efficient targeting and activity in the designated cell and tissue.

Our screening platform is designed to develop hundreds of new lipids optimized to reach selective targets.

Providing a solution to one of the largest challenges in RNA therapeutics – selective delivery to target cells

Exciting advancements in the biotech field are marking RNA therapies as promising candidates for the treatment of diseases that were considered untreatable thus far.


However, the largest challenge in developing innovative RNA therapeutics is protecting them from degradation and delivering these molecules to the selected target tissue or cell.

Barcode is enabling RNA therapeutics and vaccines by developing and testing new delivery formulations.

Robotic Arm Development
Formulation of new lipid-based nanoparticles for RNA and DNA delivery 

Hundreds of lipid-based nanoparticles were generated and in vivo screened to identify optimal delivery vehicles for new RNA and DNA-based therapies.

Optimized nanoparticles for delivery to targets beyond the liver.

Lipid Nanoparticle Final5.png
AI-Powered Nanoparticles Screening
Selection of optimal delivery vehicles through a unique in vivo mass screening platform

Our platform enables simultaneous screening of hundreds of different nanoparticle formulations in vivo, coupled with AI analysis tools to select the optimal delivery vehicle for each target.


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Barcode nanotech is partnering with pharma companies to develop the next RNA therapeutics.

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