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Barcode Nanotech
Next Generation Therapeutics

Delivering RNA Therapeutics to Precise Target-Site Locations

Enabling the next therapeutic revolution by providing target-specific delivery vehicles for RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.

RNA therapeutics - delivering beyond the liver

Barcode Nanotech is developing selective delivery vehicles for RNA/DNA-based drugs. Our solution is a platform based on nanoparticles with precise target-site activity and release.

The company is developing unique nanoparticles for selective indications such as hard-to-treat-cancers and metabolic diseases and demonstrated an ability to target specific tissues and tumors.

Providing selective and enhanced RNA therapeutic delivery solutions

We have identified unique RNA-delivery nanoparticles for selective cell and tissue targets, through a proprietary in vivo & AI-based screening platform. Nanoparticles are formulated with proprietary lipids which enable effective encapsulation of various RNA or DNA-sequences as therapeutics or vaccines.

Test Tubes

Let's talk.

Barcode nanotech is partnering with pharma companies to develop the next RNA therapeutics.

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